Members shaped a stable and much time-term connection with the fresh new frog, that is a frequent parasocial dating

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Members shaped a stable and much time-term connection with the fresh new frog, that is a frequent parasocial dating

The newest semi-organized interview details provided three fundamental parts: very first recommendations, brand new inspiration to have and connection with to play Traveling Frog, and you will personal way of living status and you may interpersonal relationships. In earliest suggestions region, personal information in addition to age, business, city of household, digital video game choice and you may video game-playing record is compiled. On the second area, interviewees answered concerns such as for example „How did you learn more about this video game?”, „Why did you get involved in it?”, „Just what did you think of the frog in the video game?”, „Do you previously notice it as your pets/friend/partner/man?”, „As to why or you need to?”, and you can „Have you ever overlooked they?” The third a portion of the interview is actually considering interviewees’ solutions in the last region so you can query to their actual-lifetime problem. Instance, in the event your interviewee said Take a trip Frog produced her or him feel at ease, we possibly may inquire if he/she considered stressed actually in addition to source of the pressure. Once they stated they enjoyed the lifestyle of frog inside another part, we might ask them to see the newest lifetime and explain the most readily useful life, etcetera. The particular interviews try based on the interviewees’ answers, as well as the interviewer continued inquiring questions to ask much deeper on the new interviewees’ answers.


With respect to the interviews product, i found that very interviewees 1st installed the newest software and you can began to play so you’re able to realize a personal development and you will share a familiar experience with family. They failed to admiration brand new frog in the game as the a guy in the beginning, however, stumbled on get it done through the years as they starred the fresh new games. Immediately following constant knowledge into the frog, interviewees reported that they admired and you will appreciated the fresh new frog’s depicted existence, and exactly how they did actually connect with professionals. The new psychological engagement and you can understanding of new frog don’t arise regarding particular correspondence regarding online game but, alternatively, brand new translation and you may creative imagination of one’s participants. Also, the newest players’ thoughts on and you will viewpoints of one’s frog were not limited by this new Traveling Frog game, however, prolonged to life outside the games. They estimated its hopes of living freely to their experience of the brand new frog, and wished to have similar dating using their mothers otherwise people, enabling the participants to think of new frog as their kid. We illustrate one or two reason why professionals viewed the newest frog as their child: in order to investment the pledge from life style easily in order to display its assumption of a great moms and dad-boy relationship.

Projecting the fresh Hope from Living Easily

Given that change of sector procedure into the Asia, young adults possess confronted a whole lot more certain risks, although government hasn’t adopted a complete welfare program and you will personal safety measures to help with individual innovation. The individual need have confidence in themselves otherwise herself.

Into advent of monetary rationality, the fresh new updates and you will function of property has actually drastically improved, and property control might probably one of the most important components of a good life (Wu, 2016). New character of your own economic base in-marriage has grown to become all the more obvious in both rural and you will towns. The fresh new fiance rate inside outlying areas is actually broadening yearly. Inside the towns, potential people are needed getting a car or truck and you will a house prior to ). Moreover, for almost all young people who aren’t local inhabitants when you look at the a town, once they should receive local metropolitan hukou, which provides usage of social qualities and you will social passion, they are required to get a house (Lui, 2017; Nie XING, 2011). Large costs push these individuals to the office hard and accept overtime work to take care of employment balance facing unemployment and you may strong competition (B. Liu, Chen, Yang, Hou, 2019). not, teenagers analysis hard or work overtime not simply because of the cost out of traditions and you will invention can cost you, plus for their criterion for themselves.

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