How-to set the age of their Weber charcoal barbeque grill Used exclusively.

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How-to set the age of their Weber charcoal barbeque grill Used exclusively.

Trying to establish age your own Weber Kettle? Look no further. These pages are a collective energy supply because of the nightclub creators and historians – owners of 50+ vintage Weber grills – and hours and hours of analysis.

If your barbeque grill was made from 1979 to 2014, the utmost effective vent from the cover could have these types of serial data that’s a single or two lettered big date code listed below.

Found in combination with time requirements AT and AH respectively.

There isn’t any two letter only go out signal in 2015. (CONSUMABLE)

There are not any true “D” laws merely kettles or WSMs known to exist. You’ll find examples of 1981 “C” laws Weber’s which were viewed with a small “D” stamped near or on the other region of the “C” stamp. These advice become believed to be the actual 1982 kettles and WSMs.

Pre 1979 Vintage Weber Kettles

When your barbeque grill was older than 1979, utilize the following records to discover the age of your own antique Weber barbeque grill.

1952 – 1955

The Weber charcoal kettle was offered to the bbq buying general public in 1952. However, the first grills, identified next as “George’s club B Q KETTLE” were made of buoys cut in half and surviving instances are incredibly uncommon. It wasn’t long before the initial “buoy” kettle began it’s evolution.

1953-1955 Weber Kettle


In 1956, the Weber kettle is redesigned to its existing profile. The 1956 through 1959 Weber Kettles have a solid metal triangular base (with thin metal red-colored, after white tires) plus the handle regarding the cover and dish manages comprise metal (zero timber). These are recognized jointly as “MLH” kettles. For “metal cover handle” The steel thighs are held in to the sockets with thumbscrews.

By 1959-1960, Weber started incorporating saucer-shaped ash catcher pans plus the strong triangular base electricity shelf/triangle “ash tray” is phased out and replaced with the current spoked triangle. This spoked triangle is still active nowadays.

By 1962, the tires are altered from thin white wheels to a heavier black colored 6? steel rims with coated whitewalls. It had been furthermore with this energy your feet had been altered from metallic to aluminum.

1962 Weber Kettle

1964 – 1968

In 1964, Weber improved the metal handle throughout the cover to a wooden one.

1964-66 Weber Kettle

This kettle preferences (1964-1980) become refered to as “MBH” kettles. This represents “Metal Dish Handle”. The most important wooden manages are produced from walnut. Antique Weber Kettles with this era had metal thumbscrews that held the aluminum legs within sockets. The wooden manages were conducted on with 2 small rivets.

In 1967,Weber in addition launched the Seville – a grill installed in a metal cart with wheels. This product continuing for a few ages [unknown]

Pictured: 1970-71 Imperial Sequoia

In 1968, Weber launched the Imperial Sequoia. The sequoia is an additional barbeque grill installed in a wheeled cart; nevertheless the sequoia carts happened to be created from lumber. The sequoia came in several various kinds. The black colored kettled type was available in a red cart, while the reddish, avocado, and brown kettles was available in a brown cart.


In 1968, Weber created a unique rubbing lower body socket and registered a patent because of it. You start with the 1969 product year, these new sockets had been set in manufacturing. While Weber anticipated their patent of these brand new sockets, they going stamping the most effective vent with “PAT PENDING”. These latest knee sockets removed the necessity for material thumbscrews. The patent ended up being filed for on November 22, 1968, and it also got granted (Patent # 3538906) on November 10th 1970. But notwithstanding this the Weber catalogs and books at that time continued to set the kettles as “PATENT PENDING” through 1972 design seasons. The patent amounts is actually earliest placed in the 1973 directory. Discover quite a few examples of these “PAT PENDING” kettles available. it is safe to assume any grill with Patent Pending regarding vent are a 1969 or 1970 barbeque grill nonetheless based wheel design they are often from since late as 1971-72.

Early 70s 26? Weber Kettle Early 70s wheel style. Around 1971-72.

Starting in 1970, the rims began a changeover from material rims and plastic treads to all the plastic material by 1973.


The patent wide variety, 3538906 was listed in the Weber inventory starting in 1973. With this time the number started being from the kettle vents. The controls design from this times ended up being all plastic including the treads. In 1975 the dish outlet comprise changed through the solitary little tabs into the big double tabs. This is the same port design found these days on Weber Smokey hill Cooker and fundamental kettle products readily available xmeets Review offshore.


The current plastic 6? tires with the word “WEBER” cut into the whitewall definitely seen on standard Weber kettles these days is actually utilize through this time.


1979-2014 Weber Kettles


In 1979, Weber begun utilizing the letter stamp (her ‘serial number’) up to now her kettles. But the advantages and information persisted to progress.


For 1981 the material bowl manages were substituted for solid wood handles. During 1981-1982 the solid wood manages furthermore changed through the 2-rivet handle to an individual screw.


The “One Touch” sweeping and venting system is launched. Initially it was a “premium” design before getting Weber’s standard kettle vent layout by 2000.


In 1992 the first generation Master Touch kettles were introduced. This will serve as a premium model charcoal grill through the remainder of 1990s.


In the year 2000, Weber switches from wooden handles to windows strengthened plastic (vinyl) style handles. From 2000-2011 the manages were a pale white-grey in colors before switching to the present day design of dark “charcoal grey”. In 2012 the dish manages using one Touch Gold/Original Kettle advanced products are redesigned with incorporated means hooks.

2015 to provide day Weber Kettles

The lower body plug layout got redesigned reducing the friction dependent apply instead the thighs have force buttons that snap into “button opening” when you look at the new sockets. This is the first lower body outlet redesign since 1969. In addition all kettles in U.S. has changed more than type welded on cover manages to bolt on with elective temperature protect. The Kettles for the European industry have previously feature these heating shield bolt on manages for several years.

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