Calcium intake and you will bone mineral occurrence: scientific opinion and meta-analysis

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Calcium intake and you will bone mineral occurrence: scientific opinion and meta-analysis

Purpose To determine if growing calcium consumption away from losing weight supply influences bone nutrient thickness (BMD) and you may, therefore, whether the outcomes are similar to the ones from calcium.

Qualifications requirements for selecting degree Randomised regulated trials out of dietary sources away from calcium otherwise calcium (which have otherwise without vitamin D) within the professionals old more than 50 having BMD from the lumbar spine, overall cool, femoral neck, total system, otherwise forearm as the a result.

Results We identified 59 eligible randomised controlled trials: 15 studied dietary sources of calcium (n=1533) and 51 studied calcium supplements (n=12 257). Increasing calcium intake from dietary sources increased BMD by 0.6-1.0% at the total hip and total body at one year and by 0.7-1.8% at these sites and the lumbar spine and femoral neck at two years. There was no effect on BMD in the forearm. Calcium supplements increased BMD by 0.7-1.8% at all five skeletal sites at one, two, and over two and a half years, but the size of the increase in BMD at later time points was similar to the increase at one year. Increases in BMD were similar in trials of dietary sources of calcium and calcium supplements (except at the forearm), in trials of calcium monotherapy versus co-administered calcium and vitamin D, in trials with calcium doses of ?1000 versus <1000 mg/day and ?500 versus >500 mg/day, and in trials where the baseline dietary calcium intake was <800 versus ?800 mg/day.

Calcium supplements consumption and you may limbs nutrient thickness: systematic review and you will meta-study

Results Growing calcium supplements intake out of fat loss sources otherwise by firmly taking calcium supplements products supplies short low-progressive grows when you look at the BMD, that are impractical to guide in order to a medically high loss in chance of fracture.


Maintaining a great calcium supplements consumption with a minimum of a thousand-1200 mg/date is certainly suitable for old individuals eradicate and you can end osteoporosis.step 1 dos Calcium can be brought to get to eg consumption, which can be a lot more more than an average intake from calcium for the the diet program inside the elderly people for the West nations, doing 700-900 mg/big date. Has just, concerns are seen concerning chance-work for profile away from calcium. The small reductions in total fractures3 see exceeded from the average danger of small harmful effects such as for instance constipation, along with the little chance of major ill effects for example cardiovascular events,cuatro 5 6 kidney rocks,eight and you may entry so you’re able to hospital that have acute intestinal attacks.8 Therefore, certain benefits features best if seniors increase their calcium consumption courtesy their dieting and get medications on condition that that isn’t possible.9 From inside the a systematic article on calcium supplements consumption and you may cracks, we concluded that there is certainly no evidence of a connection between improved dietary calcium supplements intake and lower danger of crack.10 We identified merely two short randomised controlled products away from weight reduction calcium consumption one said crack once the a result. Multiple cohort degree, although not, assessed the brand new relatives ranging from losing weight calcium supplements, milk or dairy consumption, and you may risk of fracture, and most reported simple relationships.10

New putative process whereby calcium consumption affects limbs wellness is actually of the broadening limbs nutrient occurrence (BMD). BMD are a great surrogate endpoint to possess break chance enabling physiological effects to-be searched in the randomised managed examples away from smaller proportions. I investigated whether the consequence of randomised controlled samples with BMD as a keen endpoint keep the pointers to boost dieting calcium intake to end weakening of bones. We undertook a clinical opinion and you may meta-research from randomised regulated products from fat reduction datemyage hack types of calcium or calcium supplements in older adults (old >50) to determine if broadening intake away from weightloss offer affects BMD and you may, therefore, if they are similar to the effects out-of calcium supplements towards BMD.

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