Prozory crystal: video review of LG GD900 Crystal

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Prozory crystal: video review of LG GD900 Crystal

Irrespective of those that LG does not plan (at any time) to supply the phone to the Ukrainian market, we did not try to calmly turn it in our hands, let it be, and not the final, but a working copy of the first in the world of the device with a clear keyboard

Prozory crystal: video look at LG GD900 Crystal phone

History trivia

The first information about the phone was leaked the day before MobileWorld Congress 2009. Before the speech, at the same time with the phone on the stand there was a headset with the same design, all sorts of riddles about the yak on this day came up. The name Crystal appeared three times later – in the quarter, if it demonstrated one more particularity – the possibility of a translucent panel as a touchpad. Technologically, the LG GD 900 Crystal is a clone of the flagship LG Arena, although it has visible details: the display is not protected by a hardened slope, there is no GPS, and the memory is not changed. Then the camera with a five-megapixel turned into an eight-megapixel, blocking the building to record video with a separate building 720×480, which transforms this device into a video camera. Who does not remember – the feasibility of such a video camera is described in the LG Arena, de, before speech, you can marvel at the videos demonstrating the interface of the S-Class, the downgraded GD 900 Crystal.

Main technical specifications

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Resize 105x53x14mm
vaga 127 g
display touch, TFT, 3 inches , 800×480, 16 million colors
memory 1.5 GB, microSD card support up to 32 GB
Camera 8 MP (3264×2448), video 720×480 30 fps
HSDPA, GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth 2.1 A2DP, microUSB, Wi-Fi, TB-Wire
battery lithium-ion, 1000 mAh
special S-Class interface, Dolby Mobile, clear keyboard, DivX and XviD support, USB charging

Video review of LG GD 900 Crystal

Sunny sight

The hull, facing Areni, is not metal. Navit hardware, looking metal, the keys are covered with transparent laminate.

Prozory crystal: video look at LG GD900 Crystal-2 phone

The front panel is decorated with a gradient blue color fill. From the view of the clear house in the lower part of the phone, the phone will go to a deep blue color at the top.

Prozory crystal: video look at LG GD900 Crystal-3 phone

Through the light of sleep, the blue color on the pictures is not so well remembered, as in life.

Prozory crystal: video look at LG GD900 Crystal-4 phone

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