I came at 60 and my resist rate was floored

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I came at 60 and my resist rate was floored

60-66 – Bibiki Bay

1220 – 1232 NOTE: It p as early as 57. Also, you may want to consider switching back to /NIN. At 60 one-shot certainty is also possible with Flare, Vulcan’s Staff and either 101 INT and 15 MAB, or 114 INT and 10 MAB. Flood is advisable, when possible, due to Goblin’s Rarab weakness to Water (Element), as well as the lower MP cost of Flood.

The earliest possible level to one-shot the pets here with certainty (barring resists) is 58, with Flood, Neptune’s Staff and either 101 INT and 20 MAB, or 114 INT and 15 MAB

  • I struggled quite a bit at first with this camp due to the pet’s Double Attack. I found it beneficial to be /nin. I would pull, then stun which would generally give me enough time to get sleep II off without having all my shadows stripped before i could sleep the pet. Then I finished with AM.
  • I tried here at 58 and with a Shaman’s Cloak and 1 Enfeebling Merit on top of capped skill was resisted on Sleep II
  • Cap your Enfeebling – resists = death.
  • I came here as BLM57 and was NOT able to sleep the bunnies without Elemental Seal, and I had +24 INT (food included) and Pluto’s Staff. At 58 and with Wizard’s Coat, I was never resisted.
  • The method I used for killing was Water III (Thunder II if it was Lightningsday) > Sleep II > Freeze (Quake if it was Firesday). This resulted in consistent chain 4’s. EXP here is better than any you have probably gotten up to this point, with 300 base EXP on almost every kill. The highest I have ever gotten was 562 EXP, chain 5, with ring, but I’ve heard of people getting over 700 a pop with their ring on.I have personally lvl 61 gottem 640 Chain 4Matchu25
  • Originally I came as BLM58/WHM29 and was using stoneskin, blink and aquaveil before every pull. However I had a few resists when it came to sleeping the rabbit, I had 60+14 INT like this. I switched to NIN sub and picked up a Fey Wand and a Lilith’s Rod and added them to my sleep macro and I stopped being resisted, not to mention +1 more base int with /nin. I also have found utsusemi to be much more usefull than stoneskin and blink. My blink took about 75% of the hits when it was up, but that other 25% would tear my stoneskin off in 1 hit potentially interrupting my initial casting of sleep. Unfortunately even like this though I still had problems with the rabbits resisting my sleep at 58. Came back at 60 and haven’t been having any problems. Been able to get several chain 4’s (525 exp /w ring at 60, 630 exp /w ring at 61 ) using the Water III > Sleep II > Freeze technique.
  • As a BLM who has just recently came to this camp at 59, I have killed these little bunnies with Water III >> Sleep II >> Freeze (Flood if my Water III got resisted). It has resulted in the same effect. Also note that is is difficult to Sleepga the goblin unless you have Sleepga II or use Elemental Seal.
  • I recently tried Flare then Water II with /NIN so no need to sleep, getting chain 4 most of the time when gobs behave
  • I’ve been using /rdm since 60 and I find that it works much better than /nin or /whm. I pull with gravity then kite it while casting Aero3 > Water3 > Stone3. After those it’s dead unless one of them gets resisted. I pulled chain 4s with this everytime. I was only getting chain 2-3 using Tier 2 > sleep > Flare Method. Best i’ve done with Gravity method is Chain 4 for 630 exp with ring at level 62.

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