Secret Of Starry Eden Arc [ ]

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Secret Of Starry Eden Arc [ ]

Natsu saw when you look at the amazement as Erza questioned her arm to get cut-off after are poisoned. He went along to see Wendy, the only one exactly who you will repair this lady. He performed their far better retrieve Wendy as fast as he you will definitely. He had been angry shortly after mastering you to definitely Jellal was still real time, but regulated his outrage since data recovery Erza try the brand new concern. The guy leftover curious in the Erza and you can decided which he doesn’t let Jellal to get to know the girl.

When Natsu therefore the other people was in fact involuntary after being assaulted by no, Erza recommended him, proving believe for the Natsu.When you are assaulting up against Zero, Natsu even struck Jellal, who was simply seeking to help your, the reason being he generated Erza scream. Erza displayed immense faith into the Natsu. When the Miracle Council came to simply take Jellal, Natsu attempted to end her or him because Erza was therefore sad you to she substantially battled to store herself regarding bouncing in to stop her or him by herself.

Edolas Arc [ ]

Natsu refused to accept that Edolas’ Erza are its enemy. He informed anyone you to Earth Land’s Erza is an excellent individual. Natsu try amazed when Edolas’ Erza stated getting beaten the girl Environment Land’s equal,  but not, it actually was later indicated that it actually was Erza herself, dressed as the Knightwalker. Each of them, in addition to Grey, fooled the King and you may attempted to save Extalia.

Tenrou Area Arch [ ]

At the beginning of the exam, Natsu wanted Erza once the his adversary. Natsu are concerned about Erza while in the the woman combat Azuma. Natsu was the original people whose voice is actually read by Erza whenever she was involved on magic stamina off Tenroujima. Natsu and you will Erza, including Gray and you will Lucy, conducted Hades. Each of them assaulted him together with her. Whenever Natsu registered brand new Thunder-Fire Dragon mode, Erza is actually stunned by his electricity. When the potential was against her or him, Natsu’s conditions considerably advised everyone. Erza realised that they need to remain attacking. Even though she try out-of wonders electricity, Erza stood to endeavor. In addition to, when Erza outfitted because the a nurse to restore someone, Natsu are noticed in this new much time waiting line of men, looking forward to his cures.

Whenever Natsu together with others got a career hence required brand new knowledge of little dance, Erza pushed him so you’re able to dance together.

Huge Magic Games Arch [ ]

Natsu encouraged Erza during the Pandemonium feel, convinced that she’s going to naturally earn and you may are amazed of the the lady skills. He was eager from the experiences, and you can fascinated with Erza’s power. Following the feel is actually accomplished, he ran to Erza and asked the girl getting a fight having him. Natsu is resentful within Sabertooth pursuing the Naval Battle, and you may was about to help you assault her or him, but are stopped by Erza. And, Erza try surprised by the Natsu while in the his and you may Gajeel’s fight with Pain and you can Rogue. Once they were severely assaulted of the Sting, Erza advised her or him by saying that the latest Guild’s mind is that, and have to victory the fight.

Natsu constantly attempts to confirm their stamina to help you others. At the various things over the years, he’s challenged Erza, Laxus, Mirajane, and even Gildarts (in a nutshell, each one of Fairy Tail’s most recent S-Category Mages), to battle him, albeit, he had been beaten every single big date. Even after his losings, Natsu carries him or her no sick tend to, when he takes into account everybody in the guild becoming their relatives. The guy demonstrates so it attitude actually to your former enemies. Natsu keeps also went in terms of defending Laxus away from getting expelled, even with his take to from the taking over the latest guild. Due to their reckless nature, Natsu’s matches usually ends having extensive exhaustion. Natsu’s love of assaulting has actually acceptance your growing a tremendously proper attention, helping him to, into certain days, select flaws within his opponent’s procedure, or just faults their opponents on their own provides. Natsu likewise has outdone their competitors having sheer humor, instead of brute power. Natsu, right for their recklessness and you may love of assaulting, never ever backs away from a fight.

It absolutely was shown one to Erza can’t keep their liquor. If you’re drunk, she acts extremely competitive towards the anyone else, since the shown by the her choices to your her guildmates. She also seemingly have problematic accepting people when inebriated.

Erza’s Background [ ]

Because the ages introduced, Erza turned into a little more about rigorous up to she is named the fresh new guild’s disciplinarian. She took responsibility having separating battles between Grey and you will Natsu. Meanwhile, although not, she try passionate in order to usually strive and you can bicker with new member Mirajane, and this ultimately finished immediately following Mirajane considerably mellowed call at the new wake out of the girl young brother Lisanna’s apparent demise within the X782. Around X780, Erza enacted Fairy Tail’s annually kept S-Class Mage Strategy Demo, to-be the newest youngest member of the latest guild to achieve this at the fifteen years old.

When they returned back once again to the new Guild, Erza and Natsu made a decision to possess a battle. However the battle try called of from the some one from the Council. Erza is actually caught and is exhibited having a try. Straight back within Guild, Natsu cheated individuals and you may barged into council, looking to save yourself Erza. The guy clothed since the Erza by herself and you can made an effort to trick this new council people of the proclaiming that they are the genuine Erza, but both finished up regarding the jail as an alternative. Even though Erza was furious to start with, she searched happy later on, since Natsu ran all of that much just for this lady sake.

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