Religion and Philippines Brides – Catholic to the Core!

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Religion and Philippines Brides – Catholic to the Core!

The basic rule is this: A Pinay who’s interested in having a long-term relationship with you won’t openly flirt with you until she gets to know you.

You Are Dating Her Entire Family!

One of the biggest potential issues with marrying a Filipina is that you are not just ily. It’s not unusual for your wife to have 5-10 siblings, a mother who is not working, and an absentee father.

The Philippines has no health care system, terrible social security, and an extremely corrupt government, so it usually falls on the older dily.

But before you go running for the hills, you should know that the cost of living in the Philippines is extremely low, so supporting them might only end up costing you a couple of hundred dollars a month.

And that’s probably nothing compared to the last loan you made to your cousin Bob so he could buy that “sure thing” stock he heard about from a buddy, after both of them downed 10 beers in record time.

Remember, she expects you to be a man in pretty much everything you do, and that includes understanding how important her family is to her.

Making assumptions about people, or an entire country of people, is usually a pretty bad idea. After all, everyone is different. Well, that’s true except in relation to religion and the Philippines – it’s a very religious country.

As stated above, well over 90% of the population is Catholic, and another 5% are Muslim. Religion becomes even more important to families here when children are involved.

This is one of the best (and maybe only) arguments for meeting your Filipina girlfriend’s mom. That’s because if her mother is a wild-eyed pre-Reformation Catholic then that is probably what your girl will be like in twenty or thirty years from now.

Of course, in twenty or thirty years you probably won’t care, but it’s something for you to consider. Catholic or Christian men will find it far easier to meet and date women here because of shared religious beliefs, which isn’t always an easy trait to find in a potential girlfriend or wife.

If that’s something you need in a relationship then you, sir, are the proverbial right man in the right place, because there are tons of very conservative ladies here for you to choose from.

Generally, these conservative Filipina ladies are going to have the same cultural and religious views as the most conservative elements of the American Catholic Church, but they seem to take veneration of the saints and some of the other traditional elements of Catholic worship farther than you’d see in the United States or Europe.

Summing It Up

Remember, women from the Philippines are often hardworking, many are trained as nurses or in other professions, and they are not just looking for a rich foreign guy to cover them in diamonds and furs.

Most of these ladies really are looking for a chance to meet a decent guy and become a happy housewife, and ideally in a Christian household.

So, if you are looking for a sweet, sexy, realistic, young bride, then maybe a Filipina girlfriend is exactly who you’re looking for.

In fact, if you are too concerned about finding a submissive wife you probably need to stop and consider whether or not maybe the problem in your love life is YOU.

Other nations might have two or three world-class beaches. These islands, many almost uninhabited, have literally thousands of gorgeous undeveloped beaches, lots of low mountain valleys, and thousands of square miles of virgin rain forest.

Education Matters A Lot!

Instead look for the girl who might be making eye contact, but is dressed modestly. That doesn’t mean she’s some kind of an introvert – she’s just keeping a respectful distance from a man she doesn’t know.

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