It’s important that you love the look, and MAC artists are professionals

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It’s important that you love the look, and MAC artists are professionals

Today I wanted to talk a little about something most people have heard of, but may not have taken advantage of; MAC makeup appointments. I’m sure most of you have heard, and probably shopped at MAC Cosmetics. They might be the place you go for your favourite lipstick or foundation, maybe you’ve walked by a counter or store at the mall and seen the giant displayers of eyeshadows in every colour of the rainbow, or perhaps you watch makeup tutorials online and have heard the name over and over. Either way, whether you’re new to MAC or have been a faithful customer for years, a makeup appointment with an artist is always an essential. original source site It’s a time to learn a couple new techniques or take a new product for a test-drive. So that being said, here is where I can explain to you what it’s all about, and how to do it.

The first step is going to be booking, though it varies at different locations, you can always stop by or call in to make your appointment. In Canada, at a department store counter (The Bay) upon booking you obligate yourself to a $50 (before taxes) makeup purchase. Now depending on your financial situation, I know this can sound scary, especially if you’re new to MAC and have some reservations about parting with that much money. Fortunately you’re not going to find yourself in just a grab and go situation, with the booking you’re guaranteed the undivided attention of your artist from start to end (usually half an hour to an hour for the appointment) where you can ask all the questions you want AND get the answers in a way that you can understand. As well, products will be specially chosen for you based on any concerns or looks you might want to achieve.

Maybe you loved the look of the two eyeshadows your artist applied, but they aren’t your ‚everyday style’

Consider this your own personal makeup class, what to learn how to get that perfect skin finish? We can show you. That gorgeous but super complex looking eye from that magazine you were looking at last week? No problem, let us teach you.

Here’s the thing, when you really get down to it you were PROBS gonna buy your foundation anyway, and your powder is looking pretty low too, so why not get a free makeup session since you’re gonna have to stop by on the weekend anyway?

„But what if I don’t really like the way my artist did something at the end?” Not an issue, just ask why they did it, and if you’re still unhappy it’s probably a simple fix, with more room for teaching. So a little concern isn’t silly, just say something!

Okay, so let’s pretend your makeup’s done and you couldn’t be happier. Whatever you want, and that includes skin care and brushes as well! Look at how they were applied next, brushes are a BIG part of what artists do. The right brush can make all the difference in the final product; why do you think MAC brushes are the most commonly faked across the internet?

What to choose?

The final step is to round up what you picked to buy, and any other materials given to you by your artist (face charts, product listings, special requested instructions for application, etc.) and then to check out. When you get home, maybe take some pictures of what you had done, and try out the look again some other time.

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