Friendships between two heterosexual individuals of the opposite sex can become difficult

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Friendships between two heterosexual individuals of the opposite sex can become difficult

This one goes hand in hand with body language. If a married man is flirty with you, he might be “testing the waters” to see how you respond. If your conversations are dancing on the edge of joking and intimate, this is not typically acceptable in a marriage. This is especially the case if his wife is not aware of how you guys speak. There is a saying that mentions there is some truth to every joke. If you are consistently making flirty comments or jokes, while you may be doing so innocently, he may be feeling more.

You may notice he looks you directly in the eye when you speak and even accompanies this with a smile. There is a correlation between prolonged eye contact and attraction. It’s also been said that you can tell what another person is feeling through the eyes. After all, “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” Please pay attention to the way he looks at you, how often you catch him staring at you, the feeling you get when you see him gazing at you. If you start to feel like there’s an intensity, he may actually like you.

Many start completely innocent, while others begin with one person feeling romantic feelings but being comfortable with remaining in the friend zone. When a man is married, being his friend can become toxic to his relationship if he develops feelings for you, so if you care about him, try to look out for the subtle differences that show there’s more going on than just a friendship.

This is not consensual non-monogamy, and it is not grounds to build healthy romantic love on

Marriages are difficult, and there’s temptation everywhere a married person looks, even if they are happy in their relationship. Sometimes, you feel closer to your friend than you do to your spouse, and that’s where feelings become confused. If you’re worried about whether your married male friend has feelings for you, spend some time observing your interactions from the outside. Look for signs that show he’s paying some special interest in you, maybe more so than he is his wife. Once you notice the signs pointing towards romantic feelings, try to have the difficult discussion to clear the air and set the necessary boundaries for your friendship to continue. Unfortunately, this may not be an option in some cases, so be ready to accept the end of your friendship if feelings are not reciprocated.

When you fall in love with someone who has a long-term partner, you’re in a risky situation

If you’re struggling with your friendship with a married man and would like to learn more about how to tell if he likes you as more than a friend, reach out to a certified counselor at

When you’re with a man, there are signs that he’s falling for you. With a married man, there are extra complications involved. He has someone else that he is involved with, and that makes your relationship more complex. One of the signs a married man falls in love with you is that he spends more of his moments seeing you than with his wife or family.

When you fall in love with someone, they become the person you call for everything. You want to spend time with them and build a life with them. In a healthy relationship, there will be trust, honesty, and communication. If he’s going behind his wife’s back, remind yourself that this is a married man who shouldn’t be stepping outside of the relationship. You want someone who puts in extra effort to do the right thing, not someone who lies or sneaks around.

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